Organising the world's drone data to protect at-risk ecosystems

Join our mission for change

We're on a mission to mobilise the world's drone flyers to crowd source high spatial resolution data

Imagine if every drone operator contributed data from ecosystems in their community to map and monitor changes over time...

An Introductory Guide to Drone Mapping

Getting started with #dronemapping just got easier with our Introductory Guide to #Drone #Mapping e-book
Part 1: Mission Planning!

Free data storage

Upload and share your nadir drone images for free

Protect at-risk ecosystems

From coral reefs to savanna ecosystems, scientists use nadir drone images to map, monitor, and manage the environment

Join the community

Share and analyse drone data to help protect our most at-risk ecosystems

GeoNadir Thinks Differently

We're not your regular data junkhouse...

  • Super fast and easy upload

    You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can upload your drone images into your free GeoNadir account

  • Secure and private sharing options

    Not quite ready to share your data with the world yet, but still need a way to manage it, that’s ok, simply switch on the advanced privacy options

  • Secure cloud storage

    Never lose your drone images again. GeoNadir uses Amazon Web Services to ensure your data is always available

  • Co-creation

    GeoNadir is more than just a platform for storing drone data, it’s a community of like-minded people working together to co-create the future

  • Rapid data retrieval

    You’ll see your data on the map as soon as it’s uploaded. Downloading is just as simple and fast, and you’ll soon be able to stream directly via our web mapping service into your favourite GIS

  • We believe in FAIR

    We've created GeoNadir to ensure drone data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR)

  • Global environmental contribution

    Once you’ve joined GeoNadir, you will be contributing to a growing global community that uses drones and data to protect our most at-risk ecosystems

  • Ongoing education

    GeoNadir offers online and face-to-face training programs to help you continue to evolve your education in drone data capture and geospatial data processing

  • Advanced queries

    More than geographical location, you can search for features or environments of interest around the world

  • Community Connections

    GeoNadir aims to unite the global community of drone operators, scientists, and managers to help protect our most at-risk ecosystems. Join the conversation, get involved, and together we'll make a difference

  • Backed by science

    The team behind GeoNadir have spent more than 20 years as remote sensing and geospatial scientists working in government, the military, industry, and academia. More than pretty pictures, the GeoNadir team envisage a world where drone images are used to solve some of the world’s toughest environmental challenges

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