About Us

We are passionate about the environment and our responsibility to make the world a better place for future generations to continue to enjoy.


We know that solutions to our environmental challenges require robust and reliable data, and that these data must be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).


We believe data for one is useful, but data for many is transformational.


We can all play a part in a more sustainable future, and together our whole is greater than the sum of our parts.


We stand for anti-racist, feminist, and decolonial approaches.

Dr Karen Joyce

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

I'm a biographer for Mother Earth, using drones and satellites as my scientific illustrators

Paul Mead

Co-Founder & CFO

I believe in helping people achieve things they never imagined were possible (especially kids!) 

Joan Li

Data Scientist

In the true multidisciplinary nature of a data scientist, I'm also a biologist/diver/drone pilot/deep learner/amateur chef/daughter

Jules Blundell

Chief Vision Amplifier

I’m a passionate marketer who loves helping others to make a difference in this world.


Dr Stefan Maier

Technical Advisor

As a scientist and engineer, I love developing remote sensing technology for the benefit of the environment

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